Zeo Health ~ Esdifan (90 caps)

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Esdifan is an all-natural anti-diarrheal remedy from ZEO Health. This supplement not only stops diarrhea naturally, but also helps with stomach acid and eases discomfort associated with diarrhea.

Esdifan is a revolutionary, all-natural product with a unique formula designed to stop diarrhea, the uncomfortable pains associated with diarrhea and heartburn. It is extremely effective without causing negative side effects.

~ Removes excess fluid and acid in the digestive system
~ Removes toxins from the digestive system
~ Calms the bowels so the body can heal itself
~ Esdifan uses a larger particle size Zeolite to stay in the GI tract longer
~ Over 80% feel that the product helps them
~ Increases your energy
~ Improves nutrient absorption
~ Esdifan was created by a person who suffered from chronic diarrhea

Contents per jar: 90 vegetable capsules

Normal use for adults: 2 capsules once per day.

ATTENTION! It is important to drink at least 8 glasses of water during a day, to ensure your fluid balance when taking Zeolite.

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